Why PT Spektra Solusindo?

PT Spektra Solusindo has carved a niche for itself in housekeeping and facility management services in the shortest period of time. From a rookie in the year 2006 to a formidable professional force presently we have come a long way serving the clients. We have learned from the mistakes and ensured that we never make them again.

What really makes us apart from our competitors is the fact that we believe in hard and honest work. Professional transparency is sacrosanct with us and we cannot tolerate unhappy customers. We believe that our growth is solely dependent upon one factor and that is providing value to our customers. Some of the pointers that make us different from our competition are mentioned below.

1A Self Performing Facility Services Company – No Sub Contractors, Higher Control & Cost Efficient Service Model.

2We are a company with National Footprint which enables our customers to have uniform service across the country.

3From Commercial Cleaning to O&M Services – We offer an Integrated Facility Management Solution.

4We grow intelligently to create the long-term opportunity for our employees, clients, and communities.

5We always go the extra mile—and always will.

6Separate Training Wing with training facilities to train and deploy manpower.